Everything You Need To Know About Human Resources

A human resource carries many responsibilities for an effective organizational structure. They are a part of the company. As long as the person is lending their time, knowledge, or labor, they are called a human resource. They could be contract employees or full-time or even freelance. All of these roles are irrelevant and they are as much a human resource as anyone else in the company.

Human resources department

All the employees in the organization must be motivated, hired, and happy in the organization to perform their best. The hired humans need a unique approach to make the most out of the resource. Hence there is a dedicated department to achieve that. The human resources department is trained and qualified to handle managing people and train them. They are also alternatively known as Human Capital.

Human Resources

The process of human resources

For a company to run efficiently, all the resources must be used adequately. Human resources deal with problems pertaining to compensation, training, onboarding, performance management, and recruiting and hiring. When all of these areas are handled properly, the workforce functions at full throttle and the company is able to reach its goals quicker. Also, the human resources department ensures that all the labor laws are being adhered to and there no workplace harassment that can damage the efficiency of the individuals.

They also implement various policies at the workplace like dress codes or vacation policies. It helps treat all the employees fairly and pass over the benefits to all the employees equally.

Criticism pertaining to human resources

Many opine that calling employees as resources commodifies them. They prefer renaming human resources so that there is full development in the workforce while everybody is referred to with respect.

The various alternatives to Human Resources

Many times, the activities of a human resource are undertaken by robots or other software, especially where there are repetitive tasks in play. In other words, it is called automation. It helps the company be efficient, without wasting away the resources.

Human Resources

In conclusion

Anyone who is contributing to the success of the company is called a human resource. They are managed by the personnel called Human resources that take care of various functions like training, recruiting, compensation, and keeping a tab on the performance. When the resources are right, the company has a competitive advantage over the others. The various organizations that carry out a company’s HR responsibilities are E-services, Human resource outsourcer, and Professional employer organization. A good HR department ensures that the company is on the right track in terms of hiring by solidifying employee relations, outplacement, handling relocation, performing background checks, and supporting employee assistance plans. Human asset, which is crucial to the development of the company, is taken care of by them.